Choosing the right cleaning provider

Choosing a cleaning service you can trust

When you are shopping around for a cleaning service provider you are probably having a few questions in mind:

  • How good will the service be?
  • Will they show up at the time they said they would?
  • Who will come into my home today?
  • What happens if something breaks?
  • Whom to contact in case I am not happy with the service?

Let’s take a look at why Cleaning Squared is the right choice for you.

Cleaning Squared - a local cleaning business

We have established ourselves as a small to mid-sized business serving local communities in the Salt Lake metropolitan area. Unlike other service providers we are using professional business processes for all our operations, e.g. for hiring, customer management, marketing, liability mitigation and training.

Businesses of this category have evolved from a single person enterprise that is run on the side to a licensed service provider. As such we are carrying liability and workers compensation insurance for all of our staff. Your property is covered should one of our staff cause damage to it and likewise, our staff is covered should they incur an injury while on your property.

Having a larger pool of staff at hand allows us to accommodate changes in schedule (e.g. sickness or vacation) without affecting our customer. We are also able to more dynamically respond to special requests, for example a deep clean you need prior to an event or to help with an emergency situation on your end.

We are putting quality over quantity and this starts in selecting the right staff members that we allow onto your property on our behalf. The industry attrition rate is roughly 300%, this means the average cleaning staff switches companies after about 4 months. The effect of this is inconsistency in service as new staff will be tending to your property.

Our hiring process is making sure that we only select staff with a long-term interest in the position. As a next step we are conducting a background and drivers record check to make sure we invite only people into your home that we’d invite into our homes. An ongoing training program is making sure that all staff members are up to date with work instructions, quality requirements and are trained in customer management. Our company philosophy puts sustainability over short-term profits and our compensation for our staff is leading in the local industry, opening up salaries of up to twice the minimum wage requirements for Utah.

Finally, not being part of a national franchise we are able to create savings (franchise fees and loyalties) that we are able to pass on to our customers while still operating at the same volume as larger franchise outfits.

The Cleaning Squared management team and owners will always be available for our customers for direct feedback.

Here is what we believe you might see and find in other types of cleaning service providers.


The friendly neighborhood cleaner

Often times a single individual is striving to supplement income by helping out other families in her neighborhood. Schedules are flexible and can accommodate the few customers they are having.

Prices are usually very competitive as there the services are ran out of the family home, with little to no overhead for additional utilities and supplies. One aspect that often gets overlooked is to provide insurance for when the individual is rendering service on somebody else’s property.

However with just one person on staff it is hard to provide consistent service, specifically in times of sickness or school breaks.


The growing cleaning team

We have observed a progression from the previous stage, where multiple people organize themselves and extend the range of their services.

This evolution is much appreciated from an economical perspective and is alleviating some of the reliability issues. Specifically, having more people on staff means that special events like sickness or school breaks can be balanced amongst the team. Managing the increased operations, e.g. scheduling, payroll and most importantly hiring might become a challenge to individuals with little experience in these fields.

Prices usually increase as there is a bit more overhead. Insurance, licensed entities and bonds might or might not be in place, still putting your property at risk.

A national franchise

Most national franchises are operating very professionally in terms of customer management and marketing. However, one downside is the requirement to achieve higher margins in order to compensate for franchise fees and loyalties this business model incurs.

This is most often done at the sacrifice of quality or by pushing staff to execute services at unreasonable time budgets. This results in higher attrition rates, i.e. changes in staff and rushed services.