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Give the gift of a Clean House

with Cleaning Squared gift cards

Our unique portfolio of gift cards will impress your loved ones multiple times.

Upon opening the card they will have stunning and unique 3D experiences that make your gift stand out of the crowd of gift cards.

Your loved ones will enjoy the detail and diligence our teams provide when cleaning their homes.

Regardless whether you are an existing and satisfied customer or whether you haven’t used us before, our highly rated and recognized services and our 101% Satisfaction Guarantee are making this the ideal gift for everyone.

Choose one of the following gift card options

Present Box

Enjoy a 3D present box that can be gifted for countless occasions.

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Santa on his Sleigh

Feel the breeze when Saint Nick and his Reindeer pop out of this fabulous card.

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Christmas Candle

Impress your loved ones with a stunning Christmas wreath and a center candle.

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Christmas Village

Show off with a large 3D Christmas tree in the center of the card in front of a detailed row of cute little houses covered in snow.

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