Licensed, bonded and insured - demystified

Demystifying “Licensed, bonded and insured”

A lot of businesses advertise that they are “licensed, bonded and insured“. But what does it really mean and does it set them apart from the competition? Let’s take a look…


For you, as the customer, it is important to verify that your cleaning service provider is insured. Be it by accident or neglect, your property might get damaged. Commercial Liability insurance will reimburse you for any damage caused by your cleaning service provider. If your provider is not carrying insurance you will find yourself having to claim your damage against their personal property.


In the state of Utah, residential cleaning services are not required to carry an occupational or professional license. For example contractors, plumbers, electricians, and realtors need to show proof of professional education and are required to participate in ongoing education. This guarantees a high level of craftsmanship. When a residential cleaning business claims that it’s licensed it is simply stating the fact that it has a business license with the city it’s doing business in. However, claiming to be “licensed” does not make any statement regarding the quality of work you will be receiving.


Businesses which are carrying a bond are making a promise to their customers that they will guarantee their work up to the amount of the bond in case of a dispute. While the intent is great, it doesn’t guarantee that the bond amount is covering your loss or damage. Bonds can be written for as low as $100.

  • Cleaning Squared LLC is carrying commercial property and liability insurance for any damage caused by us.
  • We are carrying a business license with the city of Woods Cross, Utah – the home of our headquarters.
  • Our bond is written for $1000.

Most importantly, however, we don’t try to mislead you with ambiguous statements of how we conduct work.